Monday, January 7, 2013

Feeding Our Feathered Friends

Winter is the perfect time to feed those feathered friends that are flitting about in the cold winter's chill. It doesn't take much, just a little spark of creativity. The rewards are plenty!
 You will need some black oil sunflower seeds.
The children and I recieved bird feeders for Christmas this year and we decided to put them to good use.
 A few apples and oranges laying around? Cut them into slices. The birds enjoy pecking at them. And it adds a nice variance of color.
 Here are all our supplies. We popped corn-some of which was strung, had sliced apples and oranges, old dinner rolls, cranberries, peanuts, birdseed and (not pictured) homemade Suet.  
 Here's one of my little helpers. *smile*
 We got busy throwing popcorn onto the branches of our discarded Christmas tree! We hung the fruit slices on the branches!
 And here is our finished product. It took just half a day and the birdies found it. Now their happy little tweets are being heard throughout the air. :)
 See that nice big brown feeder? Well, my hubby made that for me for Christmas! I love it!

 And here is a happy Popcorn Stringer: Just take a needle and some thread and a nice big bowl of popcorn and get busy! :)
Jesus cares for even the smallest creatures. He says He cares for the birds of the air. Even the tiniest Sparrow. And even as much as He cares for them, He will care of us. He tells us do not worry about what you will eat, or wear or where you will sleep, because in as much as He cares about the little birds, He cares that much and more about us; The people He That He created in his image. I think that feeding the birds in the winter is just a little way that I can show how grateful I am to Him for all the nurturing care He sends my way.
So how about it? It only takes a few things. Some seed. A few pieces of fruit, some popped corn, some old bread. It doesn't even take a fancy feeder. All you really need is just a post with a board on top. That will do. :) And in return, you will recieve the cheerful blessing of Bird songs filling the air. They are thankful for the little things. :)
To find some Suet Recipes click here! You can add birdseed, peanuts and raisins to the mixture for a yummy bonus.
Here's a nice Bird feeder!
For your little ones, a coloring book of birds so they can color some of the birds they happen to see!
And last but not least, a good guide to Birds of North America would be quite educational!
Oh! And let's not forget the binoculars!
Happy Bird watching/feeding! :)

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  1. wow, great idea! our birds here are still enjoying the last of the persimmons and guavas, but I'm sure they will appreciate a little extra yumminess!