Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow Day!

The first snow fall of the year. No one could have been more elated than my son. He didn't wait to even put on a jacket. He was out the door in a "woosh" and racing around the back yard at top speed. The snow had only just begun to fall. It came in fast and hard and covered the ground with 4 inches of snow in just a couple of hours.
 Rebecca packed snow between her hands. Cozy and warm in her bundled snowsuit.
 Hannah caught snowflakes on her tongue and laughed.
 Nathan heaved and "ho'ed" and hefted himself up a man-size snowball for some poor unsuspecting soul. ;)
 After days and days of cold gloomy rain, this snow was such a welcomed sight. It covered the mud and made all look fresh and new and oh so pretty.
 We built a snowman and Rebecca insisted it needed a hat. A snow hat. She patted one out just so and then... she fell on top of the poor snowman and down they both toppled.
 The whole family had such a wonderful time in the snow. Just enjoying its beauty and soaking in times together as a family.
The snow's gone now. Mud is here once again.
And actually, just days after we left for Florida an ice storm covered everything over in crystalized beauty.

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