Monday, February 25, 2013

{Heart to Heart} What's Really Going On

It looks like a perfectly wonderful day at the beach. The waves are rolling in, the sun is shining brightly, the pictures are beautiful.
But what is really going on? What is going on behind those pictured moments, those moments that looks so picturesque, that make you want to be there too, that look oh-so-perfect?
 Because, while these pictures look so wonderful, and later we will most likely only recall the good, this day at the beach left much to be desired.
It all started out with where to have lunch. (the picnic table or on the beach) Or did it? Maybe it started out earlier when we were trying to pack to leave and it seemingly was taking forever to get out of the house for a simple jaunt to the beach? Or maybe it all just began when Rebecca threw that handful of sand and it landed in every single container of food that I had just opened to begin assembling haystacks. But wherever this mood all began, it was present. And it wasn't really all that picturesque.
 There was some tension, there were some short words spoken, there was an overall feeling of edgy-ness that no picture could ever begin to capture. (well, perhaps it could begin to...) People were tired. People were cranky. People were hungry. People just weren't happy and relaxed. People needed to change.
And we tried to.
But the kids kept wandering off, out of sight. And they weren't obeying promptly when asked not to do something, and there were tears and tempers flaring from the littlest one who desperately needed a nap.
And so, after a couple of hours, we packed up our stuff and headed towards the car....
Later that evening, Mike and I discussed our little beach adventure and tried to see where we could have changed the tone of this whole outting. The overall consensus was that we both needed to relax. We needed to let go of some expectations, we needed to laugh at the craziness of it all. We needed to enjoy these hectic moments with three little ones, because soon they won't be so little any more. And most of all, we needed to CHOOSE happiness. We needed to CHOOSE to smile instead of frown. We needed to CHOOSE to be the change.  We needed to CHOOSE to SHOW our children the proper attitudes to have. Show them they can be happy even when they don't feel like it.
So what's going on behind your carefully captured moments? Are they all rosy and perfect? Or are some of them like mine, desperately flawed and not all that picturesque, but on the outside, looking in, they look so....perfect.....?
P.S. looking back, it's so nice to have these less than perfect moments captured in their unflawed beauty because.... just look at those sweet children! Look at that beautiful water! Oh, what a nice time we had that day..... *wink*

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  1. OH dear -- the sand in the food...that makes me cringe. Plenty of reason for frustration!!