Friday, February 22, 2013

Lilla Rose Promotional!

As a busy stay at home, homeschooling mother of 3 little ones I have been searching for just the right thing that I could do to earn a bit of money from home. It didn't have to be much, any amount would be nice! And it had to be something were I could do it as much or as little as I liked. You know how it is to be a mommy to little ones! They demand much of your time and I didn't want to be spending all day long on the phone or the computer in order to make a few extra bucks!
There are so many companies out there to choose from but in the end, you have to have something that you believe in, love and truly know you can share. I had heard about a company called LillaRose for probably a good year now, but never paid it too much attention until recently. Suddenly, it just really seemed to hit home. This was something that I could do!
I ordered 2 Flexi clips to try out. I recieved them in the mail within just several days and immediately tried them out. The results have been that hardly a day passes where I am not wearing a Flexi of one size or another. I love them that much.

Some of the beautiful designs of the flexi clip
Pictured below is a collage of pictures. The one on the left is myself. I have a sz. small flexi in on the top and a sz. medium one on the bottom. The top right picture is of my 2 yr. old! She is wearing the Mini! And my 6 yr. old daughter is wearing the sz large flexi in a French Twist style.
One of the immediate things that I noticed about these is that they did not pull on my hair, get stuck in it, or cause a headache as so many other hair products seem to do. And your hair stays put. Yay!
 Lilla Rose also offers other unique hair products such as Hair Sticks- in all sorts of designs and colors- love them!

 Their headbands are not only very intricately made with many varied designs and colors but they are also fully adjustable and they do not pull in your hair.

LillaRose carries several other hair accessories as well as name badge clips.
As a special promotional I am offering a pair of these adorable Bobbies for your hair to whoever spends $35.00 or more at my LillaRose store between the week of Friday, February 22 and March 1.

Happy browsing and thank you so much for taking the time to hear about my little home based business. :) And a bit shout of thank you to my long time very dear friend, Heather over at Golden Reflections for sponsporing this Promotional!

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