Friday, March 15, 2013

A Project For the 1st Day of Spring

The perfect project for the 1st day of Spring.... Planting seeds.
 Hannah chose these seeds to plant. I love the colors and cheer that the flowers share with us. Aren't they pretty?
 A few small terracotta pots, markers, stickers, even paints? Let the decorating begin!
 Nathan hard at work. Look at the concentration.
 Hannah just enjoyed it all. She loves creating.
 And then they filled them with potting soil. Carefully, carefully...
 Pressing the soil into the pot.
 Such small seeds... sprouting into little beauties. These ones are Johnny Jump-Ups. It's such a tiny package. It's amazing how God has designed this miracle.
The children poked the little seeds into the pots and we sat them in the windowsill to sprout.
Hannah is studying plants in Science for the last several weeks of the school year. An activity was to watch seeds sprout. I thought that this project tied so nicely into the 1st day of Spring.
So how about it? A little trip to the garden center, a few clay pots, some soil and some seeds... Share the joy of spring with your children, and with others! Why not share a little seed pot with someone you care about and they can watch the love sprout. :)

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