Monday, March 11, 2013

{Heart to Heart} Growing Closer

It's a blanket and a puppy. A cherished piece of love.
 To a little boy, its an inseperable bedtime partner... To a mama it's witness that her boy isn't growing up too awfully fast. There's still little left in him. :)
Snuggles and love, he cuddles in to his covers, puppy held close.
Growing, but still holding close.
It reminds me of God. We draw closer, we feel His loving arms wrapped around us, drawing us close. We can feel his warmth, and His loving care for us.
We grow up, so to speak. Are we growing closer? Or do we think we can do it on our own. "Do it myself."
Just like a small child, we need to resist the pull to do it all on our own, we need the strength of God, we need his help, just as our children need us.
Spending time with our Father each day, learning from Him, drawing close to feel His presence.
We really aren't all that big. We really aren't all that strong. Not on our own. We need Him.
Each and every day.
Growing closer to Him... abiding. Learning. Holding tight.

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