Monday, March 18, 2013

{Heart to Heart} A Purposeful, Perfect Life

Living a Purposeful Life....
It sounds lovely,doesn't it? In my perfect, purposeful and dream- like world what would I do?
I would get up early (who cares if its dark outside- it wouldn't matter to me- in fact, it would be cozy and comforting- in my perfect world) and I would mosy on over to my perfectly designed little corner of a room with a darling cup of tea and I would read my Bible for at least 30 minutes before then showering-in my perfectly clean shower of course- and donning some sweet smelling lotions and potions and then most definitely going into my immaculately organized closet to dress up in Pinterest's finest fashions. ;)
After readying myself for the day day I would then procede to my spotlessly clean kitchen (because I most definitely cleaned it the night before) and I would whip up the most delectable breakfast for my family to enjoy. I would call my children and they would come out of their rooms smiling and wishing me a cheery good morning and we would all sit down to breakfast together and have a word of prayer and a few verses from the Bible.
And that, folks, is how my perfect start to the day would go.
But it's not reality... And I'm sure most of you would concur that this is not your reality either.
But does it have to be this way? Do we have to continue living that less than ideal?
Well... in part it's up to you. It's up to me.
Because we write our own life story.
So of course we have those nights where the baby was up crying or the kids were sick or maybe we are sick or honestly just need those few extra moments of sleep. But what is our norm?
I know for me, I crave those few extra moments in bed. I just want to lay there. And I push off the inevitable of getting up and pretty soon the kids are all piled onto my bed and the day has begun and I haven't done a thing to prepare myself for it. I'm just pushed right into it. And I feel like I'm scrambling all morning long.
As my children get older the quieter reality of my ideal morning seems a bit more attainable, much more reachable. I just have to dig deep within myself and ask God's grace and push those covers back and greet the day!
This is a resolution for me. It's something I want to do.
And when we want to do something (that is reachable), all that lays between us and success is really only ourselves...

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  1. Excellent commentary. I like where you said, "We really do write our own lifes script." It is up to us if it is gonna be. For myself, I have to make myself get into this routine of organizing my day. I don't want to, but I see it is inevitable if I am going to survive. I do believe once I have mastered it, I will see more accomplished. Facebook takes up too much of my time. I see that. It is hard to divorce it, so, I must schedule it! Hugs all