Friday, March 8, 2013

{Milestones} Diaperless, Braids and Reading

Milestones are big when you're a kid. {and when you're a parent of a kid too-right? :) }
Here's a few milestones that we've had lately.
~Rebecca's hair is long enough now-and she'll stay still long enough- to put her hair into 2 french braids! Aren't they adorable? They stayed in all day and all night and didn't look terrible the next morning either- but I redid them. Or wait- maybe she had two pigtails the next day. Either way, I did her hair. hehe

~And this little rascal is now Diaper free at night! Diaper free for the past 6 weeks now! And fewer and fewer accidents all the time.
We began by taking them to the bathroom every night at 10 pm.when we go to sleep. And now we only take them if we know they have drank something right before bed or something. Otherwise, they might get up in the middle of the night and go, but more often than not, Nathan does not. 
~ And this little princess is diaper free at night too.  And yes, I know it took a while. Perhaps longer than it should have? We never pushed it or made it an issue. We allowed time for her bladder to develop and strengthen and then when we felt the time was right, and we knew that many times she was using her diaper as a matter of convenience versus a real need, AND once I got a good dose of inspiration to do what needed to be done... it wasn't hard at all. We just did it. No more diapers.
I used some pads under them in bed for a little while, just to ensure that if they did have a minor accident then I didn't have to always wash the whole bed.

We have one more kidlet in dipes... (rebecca) and she will soon be wishing them a fond farewell too. Never seen a kid that loves her diapers so much-- what is it about Mickey Mouse and bubbles on a diaper? She likes them! Haha! Maybe Mickey Mouse underwear will do the trick? ;)
~Hannah is reading pretty well now and I am just tickled pink. At the beginning of the school year I didn't think she'd ever get it. But all of the sudden she did! She got it. She's my math girl, reading is harder for her... but with effort she is taking off with it and I know that someday she will truly love to read. (like mama like daughter, right??)
They grow and they change every day-right in front of us- are we noticing? Are we enjoying it and encouraging their new skills? By our encouragement they will be able to climb peaks of difficulty and they will have courage and confidence to do it.

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