Monday, April 15, 2013

A Few Finishing Touches

This past fall you may remember we redid our living room. We went from stark white walls and greyish stained carpets to a dark wood floor and caramel colored walls. Such a difference was made!
However, the room still lacked its small finishing touches. There were no curtains! No arial rug, and no throw pillows to pull it all together....
Today, we fixed that.
 I did a white sheer curtain,what do you think? We almost are thinking that perhaps we'd like a teal sheer... might look rather pretty! But for now, I am loving the crisp whiteness.

 Teal and brown throw pillows add a lovely Western flair.
 I brought my quilt rack in from the front hall and added some western throws... I like how it looks in the living room!
And of course... some pretty little pics of my sweet family on the side tables.
An easy little pick me up for the living room. Adding some pizzaz and flair to the room and pulling everything all together. I love it!
A fun weekend project.