Monday, April 29, 2013

{Kid Stuff} How to Sell/Buy a Jeep

On the back porch one sunny day Hannah decided her brother was in need of a Jeep. You see, he only had a tricyle to ride. So she decided she should sell him a good solid vehicle to drive. She gave him a good sales pitch and they hopped in for a test drive.
Right about here Nathan says he thinks it drives pretty good! (as the clunker is creaking, popping and groaning) (after all, it's a well used yard sale find after all!!)
They come to a stop in the "parking lot" and Hannah hops out and says "well, how about making a bid on it? (can you tell we've been selling and buying on ebay just a tad bit? ;)) "we can start you out at 50.00. How about it Nate?" 
 Well.... he's thinking about this deal. It sounds good. But is he really ready to make the plunge.....
 "We can start lower than 50 bucks if you think that would be good," pipes up Hannah.
Wait! I think we've got a deal!
"I think I'll get it, Hannah" he says....
Way to go, Hannah! You just made a sale!
And that, my friends, is how to Sell/Buy a Jeep. ;)