Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{Laughable Moments} As Boring as Ducks

As we were driving home from church, I began prompting my children on their behavior for our dinner guests. You know, things like sharing and being kind with the other children, ect... So Nathan, knowing that the children coming over were both girls pipes up from the back seat in a disgusted tone: "Girls are as borin' as DUCKS." Well, as you can imagine, Mike and I both had a hard time maintaining our composure. Haha! As boring as ducks?! *chuckle* Where on earth did he come up with that one?! So I told him that I'm sure he would have a very nice time- IF he played nicely! He didn't think he was going to have much fun...
So after they had a delightful day of play together, all getting along beautifully, Nathan smiling told them all goodbye. As we were walking back into the house I scooped him up and said "so, how was your day there, buddy? Did you have fun?" "Yes! I had a lot of fun! That was the best day ever!"
Mike and I just smiled at each other. So much for girls being as "boring as ducks." *wink*

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