Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lilla Rose for the Fine Hair

One comment I hear quite often is something like this: "I have such fine, thin hair! Nothing works in my hair, I can barely keep it in a pony tail using an elastic! Will a flexi clip work for me too?"
Today, I'm going to show you that it can and it does!
 My mother let me experiment on her hair. She has very fine, fairly thin hair which comes just past her shoulders. Using a size small I showed her how to do an easy french twist,simply rolling her hair upwards and tucking it all in and then securing it with the flexi clip. She loved it! Said it felt like it would stay in place all day and she remarked that she could barely tell it was even in her hair.
 Then I took a mini flexi clip, this one is the scrolled heart style, and did a half up. She commented on how secure it felt in her hair and how comfortable. No pulling on the fine hairs or anything.  (Please pardon the fuzziness to the picture, I didn't realize that the clip was blurred until later.)
 This last style I did for her is the Gibson Tuck. Simple and very elegant. We used her previously purchased flexi clip in the Deep Set Rose style, size small.  She loved how easy it was to do this style.
One other style that I did not picture was the "Tail's Up", which is like a french twist, only you leave the "tails" sticking out and you can arrange them or curl them any way you like. Real cute!
I also wanted to show you a quick picture of my 2 year old daughter with her hair done in a cute little twisted bun, secured with April's flexi of the month, "Spring is in the Hair." Incidentally, this is her very favorite flexi clip and she asks for it to be in her hair every day. Now that says something for a two year old! They typically don't like anything in their hair and she will keep this in all day and quite amazingly it actually stays in her fine hair all day long.
And last but not least, the newest products come to Lilla Rose just this passed week! The Elegant Flower bobby pins are gorgeous! And The Cat's Meow is adorable, I love the colors and honestly, if you are a cat lover.... this is the clip for you. :)
If you would like to try the flexi clip out for yourself, go ahead and take a look around on my webpage and click on the "Go Shopping" link where you will find many beautiful designs to suite your taste. Also, if you ever just want to see more styling tips you can always go to my Facebook page and click "Like" and then you can see the pictures that I post on there!
Just sharing the "flexi" love and hoping this was helpful for you!


  1. How do you do the Gibson tuck? Your moms hair seems just like mine!! Is there an elastic holding it in place under the clip? Thx!!

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