Sunday, April 21, 2013

LillaRose for the Thick Hair

My daughter Hannah has very thick hair, the LillaRose flexi clips work beautifully in her hair.
Pictured here, her hair is secured with the "Horse Named Rose" flexi clip, size large.
 My hair is quite long, and medium thick. I took my hair, secured it into a ponytail and then divided it in two and braided two braids, securing the braids with small elastics at the end.I then wound them around my head into a bun and secured it with an extra large flexi clip. This one is March's flexi of the month, the Elegant Emerald Dream
 Hannah's hair is in a Gibson tuck, and again, I secured it with "A Horse Named Rose."
I also really like the "Dreamcatcher" in this style. It is on sale right now as well!
I honestly love LillaRose products in my hair. They are comfortable, they work. They stay in place all day.
If you are interested in purchasing any flexi clip's, bobby pins or headbands, check out their products on my webpage at
Or, if you are interested in hosting a party, (and collecting the hostess rewards!) Let me know in the comments! :)
Or maybe.... just maybe... you are interested in becoming a LillaRose consultant as well??? :) 

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