Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Work Looks Like

Some days, work looks a bit like this:
 Other days, a bit more like this:
 And some days, it's as good as this:

I am absolutely loving working for LillaRose as an Independant consultant.
I set my own hours and parameters. If I can't "work" one day, oh well. I can work while I'm at a restaurant (pass out a flyer to someone?) While I'm at the hairdressers (ever hear of a flexi clip?;)) A quick stop to the laundry mat to hang a flyer on the bulletin board... All of that can be easy and fun. Sort of built into my day.
Or it can get a bit more complex on some days- like maybe I'm hosting a party! Or helping someone else host a party! Or busy promoting on my webpage and facebook page or blog! And sometimes I even made videos on YouTube.
But any way you look at it, LillaRose is fun. I mean, who doesn't like a pretty clip in their hair?
If you are interested in joining the team or host a party, let me know! 

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