Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bathroom Makeover {Western Style}

Ocean, crabs, shells and blue.
That's the way this bathroom used to look. White walls, blue accents, shells all over.
And it honestly was cute.I know I've taken pictures of it before on here...but I'm too lazy to go digging them up again.
At any rate, with the way our house is shaping up to be~western and all? I thought it was time this restroom took on a change of appearances. Seeing as how it was right off the kitchen and all.
So I put on my spurs and dug right in.
We started with repainting the walls. You can't tell much in these pictures, but the walls are a creamy yellowy, eggshell kind of color-versus the stark white they used to be. It'll work for now. Leftover paint, don'tcha know.
 I went with maroonish/reddish and deep purple accents with oatmeal colored towels and washcloths.
And I did a Hobby Lobby run-to check out all their Western digs. Loved what I found-all of which was on sale at the time I might add. I used some awesome boots Mike had gotten me probably 5 years ago-he got them a size too big-just because they were on sale. And awesome. Unfortunately "on sale" doesn't change the size of my foot. Bummer. So I repurposed these fantastic boots-filling the bottom with that green styrofoam stuff that you stick flowers into and I created this lovely flower arrangement in a boot. I took some old spurs and put them on the counter and then found a fun toothbrush and soap holder and a really great frame.
Eventually when we change out countertops in our kitchen, we will change this one out as well and we have a really cool sink faucet that looks like an old well pump {that we picked up really cheap}which we will put in. I think that will make a super awesome look.
 Just a closer look at the boot turned flower vase.
 And the back of the comode. You always did want to see the back of my toilet, right? Well, if you didn't, you might want to now! Haha! Another boot flower arrangement and an iron Horse head deal... We got it years ago for our home and it's sorta moved from room to room. It was in Nathan's room, but for some reason it scared him. Ha! So now it's found it's new home and I think we like it.
 Cute lightswitch and plug covers
 A lovely picture with a good verse to ponder...
 We only charge .25 for a hot bath. Now the soap and towel? They're extra.
Oh! And it's one more picture of the sink area- the picture I chose to put inthe frame.... :)
Sometime I will find something to put above the rather large mirror- maybe old western hats? Or a picture of hats? Something... there's a rather odd space above the mirror that needs something. Maybe even a row of lights? We shall see. But in the meantime I'm lovin' the new look!

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