Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fixing Your Hair for Summer

It's a beautiful time of the year. And it's also a hot time of the year.. I'm thinking...sweaty hair on neck.  Yuck! So I used to take my hair and throw it in an elastic ponytail. Or I would wrap it around into a bun and throw on another elastic to hopefully keep it in place. And I would almost dread having to do something with my hair every day because it just wasn't all that fun. I couldn't think of anything creative to do with it!
And then I found the flexi clip:
 Here is shown a Gibson Tuck, secured with a Pink Hawaiian flexi clip.
Your hair can be up, out of the way and beautiful-all at the same time!
 LillaRose sells a variety of hairsticks as well! Aren't they pretty? And such a nice variation from the traditional Pen or pencil. Hahaha!
 And such a sweet little "do" on the little ones as well. A small braid, twisted into a side bun, secured with a flowery bouquet flexi.
 Or some timeless elegance in the french twist. This flexi is titled "The Tree of Life". I love it's pearly white beads.
 Who's Who is my youngest daughter's favorite. What's not to love about an owl, right? :)
Sometimes I take my hair, do a low french braid, wrap it around and secure it with my size large Freestyle Princess Tiara.
It's all about ease.
And enjoying a beautiful summer without hot hair sticking to your sweaty neck!
This week I am offering a lovely summer sale for you!
This sale is good for ALL Returning or New customers!
From May 26 - May 31
If you spend 30.00 at my LillaRose store I will refund your standard shipping costs through pay pal!
All you have to do is: after you place your order of 30.00 or more, email me at and send me your paypal email address and I will refund your shipping costs!
Let's enjoy a fun summer of hair fixin' together!
I actually look forward to fixing my hair every morning now- It's so much fun with an assortment of flexi clips to choose from! ;)

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