Friday, May 17, 2013

Friends For a Visit {or 6 kids 2 moms}

Last week (was it last week? the weeks really fly past) we had the privilege to have some friends to our place to stay a few days! My friend Kari and her three kiddos. We had such a blast together! We have three kids and they have 3 kids-plus one more due soon! :)
The kids pretty much spent their hours in the sandbox. Digging to China and making wells, rivers and lakes. While we moms fought to keep the REAL well from dry and lasoed hoses from little boys! 
 We also exchanged recipes. Which of course was really fun because we both were able to collect a bunch of new ideas to try. I've made several of her recipes since she left and have enjoyed every one of them!
 When the kids weren't busy outdoors they were busy inside making roads and playing cars and whatever else 3 boys of the same age range can think up to play.
 I loved the picnic tables filled with little ones. They ate outside for lunch and supper. Not sure it saved on the floor much though. We pretty much swept up a bucket of sand off the floors.Haha!! (not that it doesn't happen with just my three though!!!)
 I LOVE this shot of the great shoe pile up. I mean... look at all these shoes!
 We went to the zoo with another friend, Linda and her little boy Gavin and fought our way through crowds of year end school trips. Enjoyed a picnic lunch and the kids all did very well. And I guess the mom's did too. Haha!
And one parting shot to a fantastic but short 2 days:

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