Monday, May 6, 2013

Gardening Time

We are entering the gardening season once again.
"To everything there is a season... a time to plant a time to harvest..."
The strawberries are blossoming and strawberry picking season is right around the corner!
 Time to get out and work up that soil!
I started my kids out by pulling up the old Kale plants that wintered over in my garden. (see the garlic plants?! Can't wait to harvest them!)
 They pulled and tugged and got it all out-such a great job for them!
 The seeds came in the mail- I ordered them on "Earth Day" by the way- Haha! For what it's worth, right? And now I am all excited by the brightly colored packages and what I hope will grow from the seeds inside! We will buy tomato and pepper plants and probably some eggplant as well. And any other seeds we will want we'll just pick up at that time. But this is a start!
So here's to breaking up that soil and planting those seeds and all the fun hours of labor ahead. ;) And of course the delicious produce to eat.

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