Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Birthday and Mother's Day

 My birthday and Mother's Day sort of went past in a blur. It was a busy weekend.
I wore my Mother's Day Cameo Appearance flexi clip that weekend. (
My kids and husband decorated a cake for me and I made a dinner for Mike's grandma (and all of us of course too! ) 
A little someone was waiting for a taste of frosting. ;) 
And my birthday cake filled with 29 candles. I blew them out with one breath. Wonder if I will be able to do this next year when it's 30 candles? Ai ai ai. 
All of the cake and such happened Saturday night. Sunday morning/Mother's Day/My birthday I prepped for the Mother's Day social at our church. Made a vegan Spinach Artichoke dip and a Peppermint Hibiscus Cooler. I picked an armload of pink Azalea's to grace the tables. 
We had a very small group of ladies that came 
And the funniest thing?? We ALL came bedecked in Turquoise. I am not pictured here,but I also was in Turquoise. And of course there was no memo about this. Seriously. It was hilarious!
I felt blessed to share a few hours with these beautiful women. Inside and Out. 
We laughed, prayed, cried and shared together.
And I came home to a messy house and crying clinging kids.
Ah well.. It was quite the weekend. ;)


  1. That is hilarious that you all dressed with the same colors!! What are the odds of that happening?!?! haha

  2. These too bring a tremendous ROI - in truth it is about a 100% ROI - maybe more should you choose to take the necessary steps yourself,