Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Main Entry Gone Western

For years my main entry way has been graced by our Dining room table's extra chairs.
I know, lovely, right?
I decided it was time for a change and I got to work.
 I emptied this dresser turned changing table of all it's diapers and such that we had used for Rebecca (oh?? did I not mention that she's potty trained?!  Oh dear... better get writing that one down for y'all!)So I emptied this chest out and then I dragged and lifted it out of the girl's room and into the hallway. (which resulted in a terrible back pull that sort of came on the next afternoon. So intense that I almost thought there might be something majorly wrong with me.... good grief! All that over a moved dresser) And I honestly don't know what all these smears and smudges are that are showing up in this picture because I certainly don't see anything like this on the dresser when I am looking at it! Silly flash.
 I gathered things from around the house. The WELCOME letters came from the obvious- my Scrabble game. Which no one will play with me. :( That's what I get for not marrying a speller. Haha!
I took these two horse pictures that are done on stone from some other place in the house that didn't need them, and the sunflowers came from my room and then a collage of old family pictures- wasn't Nathan a cute baby?! And Hannah, just a toddler. Hard to believe that I have a 6 1/2 and a nearly 5 year old on my hands as well as a 2 1/2 year old! The years certainly fly past...
Oh! And I hung a hat that's been flying around the house. Had to tack it somewhere, ya know?
I still need to work on the other side of the hallway... maybe some family pictures hung like I had before (before the major repaint job we did this winter) and Mike is planning on making me a bench.
And I added a large rug in front of the doorway.
Oh it's all fun. I like seeing areas recreated to look all new and fun. It's neat to get my creative juices flowing. See what's around the house to use and compile it all into a new area to look classy.
What's going on in your homes? Any "like new" spots? :) 

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