Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Phases of Life

Not long ago I was living a very quiet life. Oh, nothing quiet about 3 kids, oh no. But quiet in terms of being on the go. Mainly, we were home. And I felt lonely. I was very busy, no doubt about it. 3 little ones is a lot to keep up with! But I had no circle of friends nearby and therefore I was just home with my little ones all day every day. Most days I was Ok with it, but other days, the loneliness of it all just really would sink in.
I prayed about it. Because, though I was busy, I was very much in need of friendships and fellowship with other mama's and my children needed the companionship of other children too.
Slowly it began to happen. A new family moved to the area and began attending church, and the Lord brought us to a family who lived in our area who we just hadn't met yet, but were introduced to through other church members. And more new families moved into the area and we met up with them. Health food co-ops and homeschool events(now that my kids are more of that age!) And suddenly I had friends! My kid's had friends! Oh, it's been such a blessing in my life!
Now if we want to go strawberry picking, we pick a friend to go along too! haha! We went last week three times and each time with a different friend and their children!
Today we went to the splash pad with friends, and a couple of weeks ago a sweet friend and her children came to visit for several days.
We also brought Piano lessons and homeschool into our daily routines. So now, instead of just housework and play, we have schoolwork and piano practise every day and piano lessons to go to each week. And honestly, it all gets to be a bit busy at times now! It seems to keep getting busier all the time! I would almost laugh at the articles I would read about weeding things out of your life because I'd think- "weed things out?! I need to add a few things!" And now I think I am beginning to understand. Between doctor's appointments, piano lessons, grocery shopping, library, outings with friends, (strawberry picking), church and church events, homeschool events, piano recitals and on the list goes.... things get to be quite on the go!
Even home life is different, very full days. In between going places there's still housework, laundry, cooking, gardening and my LillaRose business and blogging!
I thought summer might slow us down a bit but I'm not so sure! So far it's been full. But you know what? I'm loving it. I do get tired and I do need breaks in between it all, just to decompress. I still love just being home and working around the house and I love to take a day to do minimal housework and spend time with the kids reading and playing once in a while.
I realize that as my children were younger, our needs were different, and now as they are getting older, our needs change. There will be many seasons and phases of our life as our children grow, I think the key is enjoying each season, and realizing that there will be a new season right around the corner. Another key component is not to become too comfortable in our little comfort zone. In other words, as a young mom we can get so into our little routine of baby naps and feeding schedules that we never get out, because, you know, babies nap is going to happen in just an hour or two anyways! I've definitely realized with child #3 that kids are just a bit more adaptable than some of us give them credit to be! Totally not bashing nap schedules and such though, because they definitely are a good thing, I think the trouble comes when we are so tied to them that we can never deviate from them and therefore stay in our little cloistered comfortable place. By doing so we miss out on the friendships that we so need!
So I just want to encourage you, mamas, if you are in this place in your life, the lonely place with young children, know that your time is coming. It's just around the corner. And meanwhile, try to break out of the loner phase and find a small group of mom's with little ones to get to know. ;)
You may just feel happier!


  1. Wow, Sarah...this blog post is an answer to prayer! I took a walk by myself tonight to pray and talk to God about these exact feelings. As Michael has gotten a bit older, I feel more isolated, lonely, and maybe a bit bored in our daily routines. I try not to dwell on it too much (as it can get me down sometimes) and just turn it over to God and ask Him for strength and patience to help me be the best Mama I can be to Michael. It is comforting to read this post and know that others have/are going through the same feelings. I am glad that you have found a "breath of fresh air" in your life! Take care, Kristin

  2. Such a well written and encouraging post sis! I think every mama has felt this way at some point in their lives as a mom. I wish we all lived closer to each other, then we could all hang out more! :)