Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Garden Goodness

I am so truly thankful for the garden bounty God has blessed us with this year.
This post is heavy on the pictures. And I hope you don't mind. But I just have to share what is growing on in my garden this summer! (so far!) 
 This is the big view. Right off my back porch I have 4 garden boxes. One is filled with greenbeans and zinnias, one is filled with mint, eggplant, tomatoes and peppers and the 4th is filled with tomatoes. Looking out further I have another large garden patch. Filled with Onions, Tomatoes, potatoes, yellow squash, cucumbers, zucchini and okra. And not pictured behind our barn is a large corn field with Melons on the end.
 All around the bird feeder in the back yard I have sunflowers growing! All volunteer. So cheerful.
 The mint is growing very well. Little Becca likes to smell it. What do you do with your mint if you grow it?
 Loads of peppers coming onto the itty bitty plants.
 These greenbeans are going bonkers! Calima beans are evidently heavy producers. I've picked 4 large grocery bags off of this patch already. Eaten lots and canned 20 pints so far. Will be canning more soon. They are long, slender and crispy delicious with no strings.
 Lovely Zinnias. So bright and cheery. They make me smile
 My butterfly bush is in full bloom. Covered in honeybees and butterflies.
 Looking forward to seeing what's under those wonderful potato plants! Hope they are growing well! I've been mulching them real good so hoping they are loving it.
 Cucumbers and Zucchini.
 Bright blooms of the yellow squash plant

 This little peanut loved fresh peas from the pod.
 The gladiola's are in full bloom and gorgeous!

Echinacea. Or purple cone flower. Whichever you prefer to call it, it's beautiful either way.
 God is so good in His bountiful goodness and provision.
I need to go pick more out in the garden. I definitely have more than I need. It's truly a blessing.
Now to find ways to use all of this bounty! I've already eaten up the Swiss chard. Love that. And we've eaten the greenbeans up (the ones in the bag, not the canned ones!) I need more ways to use zucchini and yellow squash because I have a huge abundance of that!
Looking forward to showing you the corn soon!
For those of you who garden, how is your garden growing? What do you do with the harvest?

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