Monday, July 8, 2013

Girls Room Redo

This room redo has been a long time in progress. Well. Sort of. It's been in our minds for a good year. But actual progress? Well, since before vacation the first week of June. So that leaves us with a good month and a half. It began with bunk beds. And not just any bunk beds. These are handmade by my dear talented husband! I feel I must brag just a bit on him. ;) But he made these without any plans or anything. Just some simple measurements that he designed himself and then a few visual look arounds at several other bunk beds for ideas and voila. He made a bunk bed. And a very beautiful sturdy one at that. And without further adieu, here are some pictures of the finished product! Last week was the most intense as we pulled everything out of the girl's room and painted. And added baseboard. And Mike made the crown moulding as well. It all takes time. Then began the tedious task of going through all of the stuff that came out of her room (which resulted in a  HUGE load to Goodwill) and then putting it all back in apple pie order. :)
 I ordered their bedding from Amazon. It was a bed in a bag and I got it for an excellent price. I think 35.00 for the entire set. Times two. The girls love the butterflies on it. And the lavender color.
 The cozy story corner. Guess I should have removed the Alpine air purifier for the picture, but I had it in their room for about a week just clearing out paint fumes and such....
 I bought each girl a picture of their choice and their letter Initial to hang in their room. This is Hannah's choice.
 Lilac dream paint. Butterflies! I was looking for butterflies exactly like this and a couple of weeks ago I went to Ross with the girls, was browsing in their home d├ęcor section and spotted these butterflies. They were exactly what I had been looking for. Perfect! Hanging in the corner just gives such a bright and cheery feel to the room. Two baskets filled with "stuffy's"
 This cabinet houses mainly books. A large shelf for Hannah and a Large shelf for Rebecca.  And the other smaller spaces contain some art projects, a tea set.... miscellaneous items such as that. On top I have a bunch of pictures from their baby years. Incidentally many more of Hannah than of Rebecca. Poor baby of the family. Haha!
This is the little dolly corner and dollhouse. Hannah has it all arranged and Heaven forbid anyone mess it up! 
Here is Rebecca's initial and picture. She loves owls and chose accordingly. So basically their room is decorated in Birds and Butterflies. 
Just another view of the room....
And along the other side wall is the play kitchen area. The door opens onto it.
So there you have it! The brand new room! The girls are in love and have a lot of fun showing anyone who comes over to visit their new and improved room. :)

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