Friday, July 26, 2013

Of Shaving 5 yr old's and Such...

I always knew my son would shave one day. I just had no idea he'd be trying his hand at it at the ripe old age of 5!
He's developed quite a sense of a nightly routine lately.
It includes dad's old brush, wetted down, slicking his hair out.
Racing to the back bathroom to "steal" a bit of dad's shaving cream and racing back to the front bathroom, giggling with mischief, holding a blob of shaving cream and his handy dandy little wooden knife that daddy made for him. (don't worry, it's not sharp at all. ;) He then proceeds to smear the cream all over his face-in just the right places- my but he'll be an expert shaver some day... ;)
Then comes the teeth brushing and the dawdling... oh the dawdling! Come on, son! It's time to climb under the covers! Mommy is tired! (notice, MOMMY is tired. Not son. ha!)
He enters his room to dress in his PJ's. But heaven forbid mom or dad watch him dress! Lay his clothes out please, but then Leave. The. Room. Privacy is of the utmost importance. If you see his belly, then he'll have to look at yours after all. So, yeah... just better leave him be.
Finally dressed and tucked in bed and it's Mr. Jibber Jabber. I told Mike he's just like a little old lady at night jabbering to her husband. He goes on and on and on and you have to lay there and listen to him. And answer him. And finally, if you're lucky, you can slip out of the room and off to bed.
*secret trick here is to rub is forehead in a soft circular motion. Before long his eyes are rolling around in his head and his words are slurring together and he's off to the land of nod.*
But don't you worry, he'll be greeting us again bright and early just a few hours off! :)
Oh, they grow so fast!!!

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  1. He looks so much older in these pictures!! What a cutie!