Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rainy Day Summer Art Project

Since I teach the Primary class at my church every Sabbath I am always looking for fun and cheery ways to decorate the classroom. Recently I browsed Pinterest and came up with such fun ideas to use in that sort of a setting. Both decorative and artsy/craftsy. (now I need to get on the ball and use the ideas I've found...) I have a board called Sabbath School Ideas on Pinterest if you'd like to check it out.
Anyways, back to the rainy day art project. Here's one that my two older kids did while the youngest napped and we used these two pieces of artwork to hang on the wall in my Sabbath School classroom.
 I've seen different forms of this idea floating across the world wide web. Many of them use flat sticker letters which they peel off after painting and it leaves just the white letter area showing. Which I though was a really cool idea. However, I ended up with raised foam letters. And initially I thought I'd peel them off too and have the same effect. But very quickly I realized that it just wasn't going to happen. You can't get close enough with the brush to really create the same effect as with the flat sticker ones. We'll try that another time I guess. So I just let the kids create and enjoy and we left the foam letter verses in tact.
 Our class theme song is the Bible verse that says "I delight to do thy Will...." so Nathan created a picture with those words on it.
 Hannah decided on "Rejoice in the Lord Always." This was such a good educational experience as well because Hannah had to find all the letters that would be used in each word and sound out her words and put them all together. She did a great job and received very little help in forming her words.
 I did not take a picture of the finished product. I should have! They are now hanging on the classroom wall at church...
We used a simple watercolor set I bought at Walmart. The watercolor's were in tubes and I got a little color tray to put the colors onto. They worked so much nicer than the real cheapy little kid's sets.
I bedecked the children in some of Mike's old lawn care shirts to keep them clean. Since the paints were watercolors they did come off with simple soap and water but one can never play it too safe in the painting world. Haha!
It was a fun project. It lasted more than 5 minutes and was well worth the minimal mess it afforded.

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