Thursday, August 22, 2013

Art With Nana

 This school year I was really wanting to add a great art curriculum in with my children. I can be a creative person, but there's just only so much of me! It's hard to be everything every day to our children and sometimes we just need someone else to do the thinking for us.
I considered joining our new local Homeschool co-op. And almost did. Just so my kid's could take art lessons every Tuesday. I know and like the lady who teaches the class and thought it would be a nice outing and get-together each week as well.
But when I really considered getting the kids out and about 2 times a week (once for Art and once for Piano) it really started to sound like a bit much to handle. On top of a regular school schedule.
So I posed my predicament to my Mother and she offered the solution: Herself!
Now mom has taken many art and painting lessons in the years past and so I consider her to be knowledgeable on the topic of art. So, after talking about it, our family decided that this would be a fine solution! And the kid's were excited about doing Art with Nana 2 times a month.
Today was our first lesson and the Kid's thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's the proof:
 Learning to draw a Luna Moth
 Pencil. Then Crayon.
 Big hands help tiny ones
 Staying neatly in the lines
 Adding in ants, ladybugs, caterpillar and grasses
 He was so proud of how he stayed in the lines when he colored
 And then out came the watercolors. Watercoloring over the crayon, sharpie marker, pencil.... Making it all come together beautiful.

 Finished products look oh so nice!
 Oh so nice!! I am thrilled with how their first project turned out and the Kid's had a blast!
***and keeping it real here***
Having fun and being creative always makes a mess. It just does....  
 It leaves messes and wetness and spills to wipe up. Dirty brushes and lots of great memories.
Don't let your concern of the mess that's to follow, cheat you out of the pleasure of a nice time with art. :) 

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  1. Looks like fun!! I am reviewing an art program and was going to bring it with me for the kids to do while I visit in a couple weeks too! Perfect timing!