Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just me, Pondering the Meaning of the Blog

I can definitely, without a doubt say that I have been missing in action. There has been nothing dull or "sit-around-ish" about my life as of late (can we say, all spring/summer??)
I've been contemplating this whole bloggy thing. I love blogging. I think it's cool. I love to write. I love to take pictures to use on my blog. I love to dream up blog posts (that never get written). But being honest with myself, only a handful of people really even read my blog on any given day. On a really good day my stats don't even number 100. My blog is totally unorganized. There are no crisply organized tabs and categories for my posts (which I wish there was with all my heart), my pictures are typically left unedited and unwatermarked simply because I don't have the time to do much of that. And don't even get me started on the time part...So most of you all have husbands who work and take care of kids and I bet a good share of my readers homeschool their children as do I. So, that leaves me with the question of, where on earth do you find time or ENERGY to create such inspiring blog posts that I love to read and find inspiration from? How do you find time to get online an edit those breathtaking photos you take and watermark them and resave them and upload them and make bloggy buttons out of them and blog series and participate in blog hops and Homeschool Month (of which I totally wanted to participate, but didn't) And how do you find time, while you are writing a post to open 5 different tabs and find all those links you want to add into your blog post, either back posts you've written or that Homeschool Month link-y thing so that other people who have no idea what you are talking about can go look at them and see too?
Ohhhhhh dear.... Is it really all worth it? When do you just curl up with a good book and forget about all of this drama and stuff online? And do you make money on this stuff?? Or is it all just work work work and call it "for fun?"
I have lots of things I could write about. There's a whole folder of pictures sitting here on my computer titled July/August. Pictures that contain mind jogging events that make me go, "really? that was only last month?? 4 weeks ago? 2 weeks ago?" These pictures would make terrific blog posts. Canning Tomatoes, anyone? With the kiddies involved!
And, speaking of pictures, what of all those incredible pictures I capture of unforgettable moments on my Instagram account that never make it to the blog? You know, you have your phone on you, but not your big bulky Nikon? So you snap the picture with your Instagram camera and share it on Facebook, but you'd like it to make it to the blog, because it was a great memory??
I don't know....
There are so many days when I think of all these really neat and inspiring posts to write, but by the time I've reached the days end and the kids are finally in bed and I drag myself to my room, the last thing I feel is encouraging or inspiring. I feel positively drained. And all I want to do is stretch out on my bed and close my weary eyes and do absolutely nothing. Once I've come out of that stupor (that is, if I haven't already fallen asleep) I then prefer browsing other peoples amazing works of blogosphere and getting some encouragement or inspiration from them. And of course there's always Pinterest. Or Facebook. Or my at home business, Lilla Rose to advertise for and work on. ;)
And sometimes, here me out here folks, Sometimes, I even get onto and stare at my blank post page until my eyes are going buggy and my head feels buzzy and then, then I close the computer lid and just go to bed. There went another day of not writing.....
I was posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And that all went terrifically, until all the posts ran out that I had found time and inspiration to write during the day while my kids were with their daddy and grandparents for an afternoon! After that, it all kinda went back to hit or miss.
Well, honestly, I don't know what this post all just meant, but my eyes are burning tired and it's only 8:30 at night and I still have things that I actually have to do on the computer before I hit the hay, so.... I'm just going to sign off for now and hopefully come back soon for some real posts. Haha! ;)
Can anyone relate???


  1. Oh dear sis, I think we have all been there! Half the time I have felt like giving up because I was working so hard at it with no results. But they do eventually come. Honestly just do what you can, do not force something that isn't there because people can tell that too. Just keep being yourself and real and honest like you have been and God will bless! Sharing this on my Facebook and Google+ page today, I am sure there are others who can relate! Love and hugs!!

  2. I know exactly what you felt like when you wrote this. I've had to think hard about how I spend my time, and blogging is demanding work. Some do make money from it, but they put out some serious effort at some point to get followers, and you and I have never done that much effort.

    Honestly, I have decided it doesn't really matter. I have a blog, it's not going anywhere, and if I feel like it I can write something on it. But homeschool and life is more important than telling the world about my life and homeschool, if you know what I mean!