Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tea Party in a Tent

After school was finished today, my children had a plan. They always have a plan. Always keeping me hopping. You know how that goes, right? :) So they come to me with this plan. "Mommy? Can you make that blanket tent over the clothesline for us to have a tea party in? We want a tea party. We like tea!" So of course I readily and eagerly agreed. ;)
The children gathered all the necessary supplies. Table, chairs, tea set- must include cup of milk and dish of sugar- because that's what goes in those containers!
And meanwhile, I whipped up some grub. I, um, mean Tea party fare....

 Look at this little expectant face? Such chubby little cheeks, mischievous eyes and scrunched up nose. Love her!
 And here we are, all set up. Pumpkin Apple muffins anyone? (Becca says, just let me have the butter off the tops of those please?)
 Fruit Salad- made with our previously picked and frozen strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, grapes and home canned peaches! Yum yum delicious!
Also a marvelous Kalamata Olive Tapenade- oh so tasty. Served with wheat thin crackers and Olive Baguette from Trader Joes.
 Little Miss Butter Face
 Nathan grabbed my camera and was taking pictures through the chair. I thought this one was sorta cool really. Kinda abstract. A whole new perspective. See? there's Hannah's purple skirt. And you can see the tops of the tea set....
It was a lovely time. :) The kids loved it and Nana and Uncle Seth were down to enjoy it with us too.
*What you don't see/feel- intense humid heat. (but we made the best of it- for the kid's sakes.)

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