Monday, August 26, 2013

Wrapping up the Summer Garden, Starting on the Fall One

The Summer's harvest was phenomenal. It was exciting! It was delicious, and at times it was slightly overwhelming! Such a lot of Tomatoes to do something with! (shhh....don't tell- I still have a basket of them sitting in my fridge that I just don't feel like doing something with)
Lots of peppers, lots of corn, lots of tomatoes, lots of everything...

Including weeds... Yes. Unfortunately they came uninvited. As soon as i got a bit cooler of a day I was out trying to combat the weeds. I pulled an enormous amount of weeds from my flower beds and garden beds. Not to mention the clearing out of the old and worn garden plants that were past their prime. 
Still growing right now is a row of Swiss Chard, peppers and... a few straggly cherry tomatoes. I picked the last eggplants this morning. Though the poor things are blooming again. And there's Okra.... lots of that. Haven't even had any this summer. Isn't that awful? I plant it and then don't eat it! Crazy! 
So I got the weeds out and the ground cleared and what did I go and do? Why plant more seeds, of course! I planted all sorts of greens, peas, beets, carrots... and still need to plant my garlic. And within a week of being planted, all my seeds are up and growing. It's so neat to see life spring from the ground. 
Do you plant a fall garden? 

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