Friday, September 27, 2013

Dexterity and Sorting for a 3 year Old

Sometimes when I am doing schoolwork with the older ones, the younger one needs a little something to do as well.
So I had a great idea. Bean sorting!
I put Navy beans, black beans, cranberry beans and soybeans into a bowl and gave my 3 yr. old 4 small bowls to sort into.
 I showed her just how to do it. And we worked together for a time, sorting from one to the next. She was very serious about this whole process.... ;)
 And then I got called away by one of the older children and let her try to sort on her own.
She really did well!
 And this looks like just the perfect project, right?!
Unfortunately she ended up throwing them all across the room, and dumping them in every direction. Ack. What a mess!!
So.... if you do this project with your little ones, do just that- do it WITH them. ;) 

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  1. That's a great idea Sarah! I'm looking for ideas for Anastasia when I'm doing school with Marcus. I think I'll use this one. Maybe I'll try and think of bigger objects that she could sort so that if they get thrown it won't be quite so messy. haahaa Thanks for posting.