Monday, September 30, 2013

Farm Animal Sensory Bin (Coconut Lime Scent!)

So one day, after listening to my girlfriend, Heather ( discuss on the about Sensory Bins and how wonderful they are for our children, and after her showing me such cute pictures of her little one playing with one, I decided to make one too. My oldest Daughter was ecstatic. "Can we make one, Mommy, can we?!"
Um, yeah... sure! Let me see what I can find... So of course I went to my trusty Pinterest Board for a look-see. I ended up at the Cutest blog called Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, where I found just the perfect "recipe" for a sensory Bin.
I gathered my ingredients together. Perfect way to use that Lime Jello that was sitting in the back of my cupboard. ;) Cornstarch, Baking Soda, Canola Oil, and Coconut Extract. 
 Hannah was right there. Chair pulled up to the counter. Mixing spoon in hand.
 She mixed as I added several tablespoons of water and she mixed until it was just perfect.
 Even the Little one got involved.
 I had my son gather his little farm animals and small tractors and a few wooden blocks and I went to the closet to find an empty container to put it all in.
I really got a kick how Hannah lined all the animals up in a straight line.
 Then we took the box outside and set it on the rug and the kids went to it.
 6 eager hands all reaching into the same small space. But thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.

 They played for a good hour, enjoying the feel of the cloud dust and moving the little animals all around. I almost think my older children enjoyed it more than the youngest!
It only takes a few minutes, moms, to show our kids we care. They feel so happy when we do those little extra's and they think we are the greatest. :)
Have you ever made a sensory bin for your kids?
I had to joke with my friend that my kids seem to think every meal is a sensory activity. Haha!

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  1. YAY! Love it! :-D Next time I come down we should do a huge sensory bin activity, one that all 4 of the kiddos can sit in and have fun with outside! ;-)