Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Apple Time!!!

No trip to the Apple Orchard is complete without pictures. Am I right?? :)
 This past Sunday morning our family got up early and had a lovely breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then headed on through the fog to the apple orchard, nestled into the foothills of the Mountains.
My two oldest are so sweet in pictures together! Look how precious they are!
 They tried to hard to get Rebecca to smile and be a part of the pictures, but she just wasn't in the mood at all!
 And just when we got a cute little smile going on her face... Nathan got all goofy.
 And back to frowns and crazy faces. Oh my... All I wanted was one great picture of everyone looking my way with a smile on their face! I gave up. Let's head inside for some apples!
 Nathan picked this beauty of a basket.
 Fuji apples, oh so luscious!
 Someone is looking mischievous!
 And how is this for a face???
Ok. Soo... my kids are like... personality plus, y'all!
 About 4:00 pm, after we'd done a multitude of other tasks we started in on the sauce making. Mike was home to help today and that is what this mama needed! I've been solo canning all summer! Finally help arrived!! Look at all those strong muscles. ;)
 Nathan turned the crank for a very long time. Until I think he about wore himself out. Because afterwards he ate THREE sandwiches. I've never seen him eat that many before!  
 A bowl full of beautiful and delicious applesauce! Hannah ladled it into jars.
After Mike's helper's arm wore out, he decided to get lazy. (haha!) So he brought in a drill and attached it where the crank would normally go and pushed the button. Wheeee!! That speeds up the process! (Thanks Kari for that brilliant idea/invention!)
By shortly after 8pm- 4 hours later- We had processed 54 quarts of applesauce and had the kitchen cleaned up- including the floor mopped! Woo-hoo! How's the for team work?
This morning I wiped off jar lids and Put all that wonderful Sauce in the canning cupboard. And for breakfast we had Homemade toast with Almond butter, Applesauce and Huckleberry honey on top. Deeeeelicious!

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  1. Huckleberry honey?? We did applesauce last night too! Tim bought a motor so we didn't have to turn the crank...didn't know a drill would do the job too!! Husbands are so smart, eh? :)