Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mountain Day

Ai! This child has him some energy! Keeps me on my tippy toes all of the time. It's like, I never know what he's going to be into next! But I digress, this post is about a day in the mountains we had recently! While pulling up the pictures I couldn't help but think that another day just like this was due! Hmm... I guess our up and coming camping trip will have to suffice! 
It had been a long week. I was exhausted. Don't I look it?! And So, we relinquished church duties and played hooky for the day. Trying to get our relaxing on. Hard to do with 3 active kids! "Mommy! Let's go put our feet in the river! Mommy! Let's take a hike!" Mommy! I gotta go pee! Mommy! I'm hungry! (again) " Oh, ok. You get the picture.... 
We saw a beautiful waterfall as we were driving in the Mountains. So much rain has fallen over the summer that there are waterfalls where there never used to be before! It's pretty neat! And such a gushing one as this! 

The River was rushing, but we found a great place for the kids to get in and play. 
To me, the beauty of God's Creation just makes me so happy. It makes me relax and focus on what's really important in life. I love that! I love taking my camera along and trying to get pictures of what I see... Usually it's while Mike is whizzing on down the road. "Look at that! I want a picture!" 
Look at how that water splays into a thousand pieces when it hits the rock. 

The bear's are really out this season. We saw 2 of them! Always hard to get a good picture of them, but it was pretty neat to see! We also saw a bunch of sleek and beautiful deer out grazing. 
A nice couple offered to take our family portrait on the front porch of an old cabin. I happily agreed to that! But, wait! Don't I have 3 children??? Oh yes, there he is... see that little blur of orange hiding around the side of the cabin's chimney?? Yeah. That's the middle child. The kid who doesn't like his picture taken. But then he does. You just never know what mood that boy's gonna be in. Ah well. So we got 3/4 of a family picture. So be it. We loaded everyone up, had another picnic on the way out of the Smokies. (the 2nd one of the day) and headed on home.... Such an enjoyable day of summer to remember. :) 

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