Monday, September 23, 2013

Pantry Rehab

That pretty much sums up in one word how I felt about my pantry.
I didn't want anyone to see past the bi-fold doors. And yet, after a while I tried to make myself think that I really didn't care. I am a busy homeschooling mother and that's just the way things were...
But then I got fed up with it. And change had to happen.
And change indeed DID happen. In a big way.
I want to let you in on a little secret: It only took about an hour. Maybe less?
I realize that this isn't HGTV perfect. Not even Pinterest perfect. But it's Neat and Tidy.
And that means a lot. 
Do you have lots of bags of opened or unopened chips in your pantry like I did in mine? I rummaged around for something good to put them in all together and found this tote I had in my closet. I used to have shoes in it until my husband built us a nice shoe rack. I decided it was the perfect tote for chips! If you look closely, you'll notice that I use clothespins to hold the chip bags closed. :)
 A cardboard box contains cereal boxes. Keeps them all neat and tidy. Not falling off the shelf. Contained in one place. Organization does not have to be expensive!
 These little blue bins come from Dollar General. I had gotten them back a couple years when I first organized my pantry. They really work very well for storing like items together.  Beans in one. Pasta in another, vegetables together and so on.

 And this is probably my messiest spot still, but it's the snack type items. And they are in an old Ramen noodle box.
Not pictured up close (but is in the large picture above) I have a large white plastic bin with my potatoes and onions in it. Several of  my appliances such as Rice cooker, crockpot and bread mixer are on the floor or lower shelf.
I don't have to be embarrassed to open my pantry any more.
What area of your house is bothering you? TACKLE it today! 

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  1. Wow! Looks great! I did this a while back with our panty and it felt so good when it was done! It was fun coming up with creative ways to organize it all. Thanks for sharing.