Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rebecca Turns 3

On September 8 my little Rebecca Joy turned three years old.
How is it possible that just three years ago she was this little bundle of baby? All pink and snuggly, full of smiles. My little Joy baby... 
 And now, here she is. A big girl of three. So serious about life. And yet so funny and full of Joy. She has definitely lived up to her middle name, Joy. She is my bundle of Joy every day. Such a welcome surprise. :)
 She loves Curious George. And she sounds like him too. Maybe even looks like that cute little monkey just a wee little bit. haha!
 I found these little tin buckets with chalkboard labels in the dollar section at Target. I snagged them, never thinking I'd use them for her party! They were the perfect plastic ware container! I used blue and yellow for the colors.
 Rebecca knew just how to tear into the presents this year. She didn't tolerate the brother and the sister helping her out too much this go around. ;) She knew how to get them open by herself!
 We had English Muffin pizza's for the main course and tossed salad and fruit salad on the side. Along with "Monkey Juice" (a lovely blend of pineapple, banana, orange) and cake, of course. :)
 Here are my three little monkeys. All lined up eating their dinner. :)
 And a few of our favorite little monkeys and their Mama's joined us in the fun. My dear friend Heather (from www.goldenreflectionsblog.com) and her darling daughter, Eliana came down for the weekend to join in the fun and I must say that Heather was a tremendous help in pulling the party all together!!
 And Rebecca's best buddy from church, Gavin and his Mama, Linda (our pastor's wife!)
 I got the cake from Walmart. I know... so original, right? But I just didn't want to stress over it this time around. I usually do make the kid's cakes... But this one just turned out so cute! And Rebecca loved it.
 A birthday is not a birthday without a cake! And candles! :)
 A huff and a puff (or two or three) and the candles were out. And poor little 3 yr. old Rebecca was worn out. 2 weeks of anticipation and little sleep (wondering if it was her birthday yet!) had her all tuckered out. She sure slept good that night! :)
And that's all folks! My baby is officially 3 yrs old now. And I can't believe it. On the other hand.... she's still my baby. She's just not quite so small as she used to be. ;) 

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