Monday, September 2, 2013

Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes

It has been a super busy summer. I've done a whole lot of food preservation-solo this year. And honestly, it's been tiring. But looking back at the pictures and how luscious it all looks and getting to open jars of home canned Salsa and Pickles and more... well, it's all good.
The garden produced an enormous amount of tomatoes this year. And to be quite honest with you, I had a half bushel of them sitting in my fridge at the end of this week that went bad. Simply because I just couldn't do any more. *brushes tear away* Isn't that awful?! I'm being honest here y'all! I can not do it all! Haha! 
Little tomatoes, all sliced onto dehydrator sheets! I love to toss these babies with Olive Oil, Kosher Salt, Fresh Ground pepper, Italian Seasoning and Garlic. Such a pop of flavor! Fresh basil added in is also a mouth watering treat. My kids love to eat these morsels of yumminess strait off the tray! 
Salsa. It turned out delicious!!! 
Aw, ok. Confession time. It wasn't all done Solo. I had 3 adorable helpers as well. Here's the Eldest. She's washing those cute little 'mater's up for me. :) 

And she even sliced a huge bowl of them as well! Big helper she is getting to be!
Meanwhile..... crazy dude Nate is over washing Grown-up 'Mater's for the Salsa job. :) He took his job quite seriously. Ha! 
I ended up with a lot of jars! Plus I did some Tomato Sauce to eat and I canned diced tomatoes as well. Yay for Tomatoes! :-) 

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