Thursday, October 31, 2013

Did the Vultures Get Me?

Say what?? You thought those vultures ate me?
Pshaw.... naw.... I've just been one of  those busy Homeschoolin' Mama's you hear about. The one with three kids and lotsa housework and life to live. And dishes to wash. Always dishes. Yep. That's me. But I've been taking pictures, and I've been dreaming (every shower that I get) about all of the lovely blog posts I'm going to write-When I get a chance. So... I'm trying. I really am!
Meanwhile, there's good thing's a'comin'! Look for a Special little post tomorrow and then Look for another Two Sister's Blogging vlog special on Monday! See? Whatt'd I tell ya? Good things is a 'comin! But right now, I've got to hit the hay!

And tell those crazy vultures to leave me alone! Especially on the 31st day of October. Of all things!

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