Monday, October 7, 2013

My Favorite Laundry Supplies

Laundry is a task that we all must do. Some of us do it weekly, some daily, some several times a week. However you do it, it still has to be done. I thought I would let you all take a quick peak at the laundry supplies that I like to use for this never ending household chore.
First up is Charlie's Soap.
I use this hypoallergenic laundry soap as my primary laundry soap. My children have more sensitive skin and I found that many of the regular laundry soap's out there would cause them to have rashes. Charlie's Soap works excellently at cleaning your clothes. If you doubt me, read the reviews on Amazon! There are lots of good ones! I started using Charlie's Soap when I was using cloth diapers. It cleaned the diapers very well and left them smelling sweet and clean.
If I don't have Charlie's Soap (which I get either from or Azure Standard) then I use another Free and Clear brand such as Tide Free and Clear, or All. The price for Charlie's is very economical and you don't use much! One very very small scoop is all!
Next in line is Resolve Extra Strength Stain remover. I must say that this spray has been a life saver for the kid's clothes. I spray it into the stain and just let it set for a while and then toss it into the laundry. I am always amazed at what it gets out! I get mine at Walmart in the large refillable bottle and just refill my smaller squirt bottles.
Biz. When my children were babies, I would keep a bucket of Biz water sitting on top of my dryer. When clothes got icky pooey stains or spit up I would toss their little clothes into the bucket of Biz water and let them soak until I did the wash. Biz is wonderful at taking those rough stains out. It's fairly inexpensive at the local grocery store, costing usually right around 3 or 4 dollars. The picture I have on here is of the box size you can get on amazon!
Last but not least, my favorite Dryer Sachets. I got mine from Lehman's hardware in Kidron, Ohio. You can get them locally at their store, or you can get them online through their online catalog. I absolutely love them! They are filled with herbs, such as Lavender, or Lemon Verbena (or you can get a natural scent) and you toss the little reusable dryer bags into the dryer along with your wet clothes and they come out smelling just lovely! The bags last and last and last. I've had one set for 2 years and another set for 1 year. They still smell delightful!
So that's what I use, what about you? Do you have any special Laundry potions and secrets that work well for you?

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