Monday, November 11, 2013

Making Herbal Tea in your Coffee Maker

I love herbal tea. And I like the kind that you can make yourself with freshly dried herbs. It tastes so much fresher and vibrant.  But it always seemed like so much of a hassle! Sure, there are lots of gizmo's and gadgets to make it easier. Such as This:
Tea Mug Basket Strainer

Which of course is fantastic for a single cup of tea. However, I love tea, remember? And I think Big. Let's make a whole pitcher of this stuff!

Creamy Pumpkin Pie Tea
Ginger Snap Tea
My mind got to thinking and it came up with a plan. If you could brew coffee in a filter in a coffee maker, and all sorts of other "make pretend coffee's" why not loose leaf tea?
So. I tried it.
I have a no frills, no added gizmo's coffee maker. I got some very cheap-o paper filters and I added my herbs:

This particular one is: Raspberry leaves, Alfalfa, Peppermint and Hibiscus. I purchased all of these herbs through the Bulk Herb Store. Why Bulk Herb Store? Because I am sold on their quality. The herbs arrive looking beautiful and smelling fresh. Order's ship quickly and products are reasonably priced. Not to mention a vast selection to choose from!!!  Just look at another one of their beautiful combinations:
So I popped the herbs in a couple of Tablespoons at a time, poured my cold water into the reservoir, turned the machine on an watched to see what would happen. 
What happened is that I ended up with a lovely pot of tea, nice and streaming hot. (and able to stay hot for 2 hours thanks to that machine of mine!) I tried double brewing it- (pouring another pot of water in and re-brewing it) just to see if the taste would be the same. It was a bit watered down, so not as good the second time around with the same batch of herbs. Good to know!
Now that I have this great way to make Herbal Tea's I can hardly wait to order more from the Bulk Herb Store! There's a Lemon Drop one that's got to be amazing! And a whole Holiday Tea Collection that includes 5 different flavors! Woo- hoo!! A must try for sure!
So pop on over there while you are thinking about it and browse the Herbal mixes category (or just the Herb section!
Stay warm and Happy Tea sipping friendlies! :) 

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