Monday, November 4, 2013

{Two Sisters Blogging} Freezer Rehab vlog

And here is my promised Monday post- my lovely freezer redo. Oh y'all... it was a mess! But now? Oh SO clean and organized! I am in love.
It only took like 30 minutes to do. And you can do it too. Here's how:

In the video I mentioned that I didn't think that the Container Store containers were all that worth it. I've changed my mind folks! I think they are by far sturdier than a regular rubbermaid for freezer use. They are holding up very nicely in my freezer. Unlike other cheaper ones that tend to crack after having been in the freezer for some time.
So, happy freezer organizing!
Be sure and check out Heather's take on it all over at her blog as well:

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