Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Baby(s)

 She's precious. And!!!! I can't stand it. 3 is SUCH a cute age. Add to it some snow, and mittens, hat and boots and it's a definite recipe for adorable-ness.
 ROSY cheeks!
 BRIGHT eyes!
 Yup. Cuteness at it's best.
 The kid's had a blast in the snow. Sledding, and being pulled by the four wheeler on their sled!
 SWEET smiles!
 He's so HAPPY in the snow!
PULL and TUG and away they go!
And of course, topping it all off with steamy Tomato soup and Grilled Cheese sandwiches for lunch.
And some cookies mid afternoon.
And some Hot chocolate still later. ;) 
Snow days are the best!!! 

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