Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Winter Vacation {In Your "Backyard"}

Along about mid winter, one really begins to long for Springtime.
The winter is carrying on. You're stuck indoors with the little ones.
School schedules are monotonous.
And we begin to grow weary.
It's time to think "vacation."
Some people head to places further from home for ski trips and the like, for us.... it was much closer to home.
And we had a complete blast!
*We went bowling at the community center- the kids absolutely loved that!
*Went out to eat
*Swam in the Hotel pool
*Soaked in the Hot Tub at the Hotel
*Went sight seeing in the mountains (the water was rushing everywhere!)
*Went Snow Tubing!!!
I can't seem to get pictures from my Instagram account on to my blog-anyone know how to do that? In the meantime... iffen you'd like to see some of those swimming, snow tubing, bowling pictures, feel free to scroll back about a month in my Instagram online! and you can see the pics!
In the meantime, here are a couple I took in the mountains using my actual camera (as opposed to the phone camera, you know...)

We have plans for other nearby mini vacations as well! Chattanooga TN, Charleston SC and Asheville NC to name a few that are currently on our minds. It's fun to explore the areas nearby!
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