Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Character Badge Program-It Works!

Character Badges
Motherhood is a lot of work; most definitely.
Character, obedience, so many important lessons to instill in our children!
And then there's the disobedient part. What to do when your son is foolish, or lies about something?
Or what about when your daughter is whining? Or when everyone is just being flat out disobedient?!
I was pretty excited when I heard about Caroline Allen's Character Badge program.
It's full of charts to make things so much easier for YOU!
Character traits that you want to instill in your children- Helpfulness, Hard Work, Polite Manners, "Yes Mom/Yes Dad" and many more. When the child fills in a certain number of squares they begin to get badges to wear for a day-showing off the great character that they have been displaying!
 It also deals with the Traits of character that you don't want to see, such as disobedience, lying, whining, ect... On these charts there is a consequence spelled out, as well as a space for you to mark out if the consequence has been dealt out. This alleviates your child wondering what the rules are and what their consequences are going to be. It allows you to not be the "bad guy" it's simply what the chart says!
After printing the pages out, the family sat down together and I went over everything with the children. What to expect and what was going to happen. They listened intently-even picking out their punishments! (kids are harder on themselves than we are on them I think!)
We hung their charts on their bedroom doors and the fun commenced.
Whenever someone did something the chart said not to do, they were right on it. "So and so did this! They need this punishment!" And surprisingly enough, the child complied! Quite amazing.
On the flip side, when someone did something good. Was especially helpful, ect, we filled in the spot on the chart! So far they've gotten one badge each to wear and they were tickled pink over it!
I am really looking forward to continuing using these charts with our children and seeing the good behaviors blossom and grow!
The Character Badge program is divided in two. One for younger ones up to age 5 or 6 and then an older set for ages 6-12. The older set has more to work on, and takes a bit more work to earn badges. It also has flash cards of character traits and much much more. You can certainly tell that much time was put into creating this program and I was so happy to review it!
If you click on the link either in this posting, or on the sidebar of my bar, I get a small percentage of what the program costs, so it helps both you AND me!
I really do encourage you to check this out. I know it will be a blessing to you and your family.
May God bless us all as we strive to raise our children for the Heavenly Kingdom! 

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