Tuesday, February 18, 2014

School Days

I'd love to do this post weekly. Or Monthly or something-ly!
I'd like to share more of what we are doing as a homeschooling family of 3.
Some weeks, admittedly, it's- work on the basics and be happy they are accomplished.
And other weeks I'm feeling oh-so- "homeschoolish" "crafty mom" and we really do some cool stuff. I'm more inclined to show those days/weeks I suppose...
Here's a fun day we had not too long ago where we were studying about different Biblical ways to worship and praise God.
One way is by Tambourines and "shakers" Singing praises to God, Singing Psalms, or scripture to coincide.
Here, Nathan is a bit side tracked. He has decided something or other needs fixing with a screw driver. And that definitely takes precedence over making a tambourine filled with rice. ;)

Rebecca inspects her rice filled tambourine and deems it acceptable. She plays the piano with one hand and shakes the tambourine with the other as she sings.

That's the spirit son! Nice job! He made flowers and a tree on his tambourine.

Hannah added fabric streamers to hers and made a lovely picture as well. Full of color and life.

I turned on a Trilogy scripture song CD and the children twirled and sang to Jesus.

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  1. Really lovely Sarah! Lately we've been doing just the basics...I admire your creative energy!