Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentines Day Love! {Ideas for you!}

do you like my little scrapbook paper heart garland?

It's nearly the day for Lovers.
What's the plan??
What?! You don't have one yet?? Ok.
Check out my Pinterest board called "Valentines Love"
You'll find some great ideas for Cupcakes and Fondue, a fun owl heart craft for kids, the Cupid float, Romantic table settings, Notes and date night ideas, decorating and more!
And if that don't do ya, then head on over to the Dating Divas for a whirlpool of ideas. No. Wait. Make that an OCEAN of ideas!!
One other great place for some fun ideas is over at Pink Pistachio where she blogged for 14 days of Valentines back in 2012. Click on the link for the full series! Love her blog. Love her ideas!
Have fun!
The hubby and I are planning on a date on Sunday afternoon and I've been doing some fun little activities from Dating Divas in the days leading up to the "love day."
I know I'll be planning a little something extra special and sweet for the whole family for Valentine's Day on Friday. Something yummy to eat, hearts and love....

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