Monday, February 10, 2014

When Mama's Sick

Recently I had a bout of illness that lasted 5 weeks. Some of that time I either spent in bed or doing very little.
I have three very active younger children. And I had very little assistance during this time.
Today I just wanted to share a bit of what I did during this time to keep my kids busy and how to cope!
First off we did a lot in my bedroom, sitting on my bed. I laid in bed against pillows (very sore due to cracked ribs from coughing with the bronchitis that I had.) I had the kids bring in games. We played "Headbandz" and Memory, Candy Land, Connect Four, Tic Tac Toe and more.
I also did games from my bed while they were on the floor. Action games like Simon Says and Leap Frog. While playing Simon Says I had them doing jumping jacks, rubbing their tummy while patting their heads, and trying to touch their nose with their tongue. (VERY comical to watch. I was laughing as hard as I physically could!)
I had them bring in construction paper and make cards and pictures for people.
We made paper snowflakes too.
One day I took the Craft foam sheets and cut them into lots of various shapes, like rectangles, squares, and triangles. After we were done cutting them into shapes the kids got into a shallow bathtub (of course this is for when you are close by to supervise(or at least hear what's going on AND when you have a bit older children.) They took the shapes and wet them and then stuck them to the tile walls. They made houses and all sorts of things and had a blast for about an hour!
We also did schoolwork in bed. I'd never really done that before but desperate times call for drastic measures people! We focused on keeping up with all of the basic subjects, not stressing so much on allll of the extra curricular, but we read a lot and enjoyed topics that way!
Pull out those books and read!! We have been reading through the Little House books and right now we are reading Little Town on the Prairie. The kids love hearing what's going to happen next and so we read a lot of chapters!
We watched some very child friendly movies. Curious George episodes, Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, things like that.
And then what about housework?? And cooking?! And laundry?! Well people.... I'm just going to say: cut yourself some slack. We can't do it all! Especially when we are sick! I did very minimal, I tried to keep the dishes taken care of (and my husband helped immensely with this). I cooked very simple meals, or hubby helped. Also, we had church members that helped a lot with food one week. Don't be afraid to put it out there-people love to help. I know I love the opportunity to help someone!
Laundry was a load here, a load there and it may or may not have gotten folded. I just did what I could. Sometimes we had a folding party on the floor in my room and the kids would get all of their clothes out and in a basket and then I'd just be left with mine and my husbands clothes and the towels.
Cleaning the house was an effort with the kids involved. It was never done to my perfection but it was neat at least. And the day that I did overdo it and clean to my satisfaction I paid for in a week back in bed. (oops!)
Once you are feeling better, be careful not to overdo it. Take it slow. Rest often.
Honestly? Even though I was sick, the kids really enjoyed the bonding experience that we had together and I definitely had a lot more time to spend with them! So that was a blessing in adversity.
I hope these are a few ideas for you and hopefully none of you will be sick for as long as I was this winter!

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  1. Great ideas sis! I am so glad you all are feeling better now! :)