Tuesday, March 25, 2014

{Easter} A Wreath for Spring and a blog hop!

Such a fun day here on Sarah's Heart's Home! A Wreath tutorial and a blog hop! Read through til the end to see all of the other blogs you can visit for Easter and springtime inspiration today!
It's time to spruce up your front door for Spring time! March 20th marked the first day of Spring and I sincerely hope that all those snowman pillows went packing and in their place are some cute little bunny rabbits, tulips and daffodils!
Here is a great way to help your front door blossom for springtime:
Make a wreath! It's easy. It's creative. It's lots of fun!
Let's get started with a glue gun and some glue sticks. :)
 The fun part of this is that you get to have a great time at Hobby Lobby or Michaels and pick out your accessories! I went with a spring time cheery yellow and purple and added a pop with a yellow bird.
 Here are the little birds that I found. I thought they looked fairly realistic as well.
 You will also need a plain grapevine wreath. If you are blessed with the knowledge and the grape vines, by all means, make your own in the fall or winter so that you can make wreaths to your hearts content!
 You will notice that I put a cloth down underneath. Making a wreath can be messy business! Loose flowers, stringy hot glue.... you get the picture.
You will also need a pair of wire cutters. Cut your flowers and begin to lay out and assemble. I always stick my accessories and flowers in place before I permanently glue them in place.
 Once you have it how you like it, begin hot gluing!
 And here is the finished product!!
A fun, colorful, delightfully springtime project for you and even your children can be involved! My little girls were right there next to me the whole time I was making the wreath and my oldest daughter helped me to pick out the flowers and birds for it!

 For some other terrific ideas for spring, please hop on over to these little homes on the web for great tutorials and Easter season writings. Be inspired. Be blessed!
It's Easter Inspiration from East Tennessee Bloggers!
•Jessie is sharing Special Easter Breakfasts!
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•Meghan is sharing some of her GORGEOUS baskets from her business called KMac.
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I hope you love these ideas! Let me know in the comments section which post was your favorite on this little bloggy hop! :)

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