Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Little Blue Birdie

There was this crazy February day that I decided to cut up one of my husband's discarded dress shirts and make it into a dress for my three year old daughter.
I told you, it was a crazy kind of a day.
I used THIS picture as an inspiration and went from there.
I have lots of cute little clothing ideas on THIS pinterest board- things that look easy and fun. Things I'd love to make in all of my spare time.....
So I began my selecting a dress that I knew fit my daughter and laying it out atop the clue dress shirt and taking my scissors snip snip snip.
 This is the finished wrinkled result of the snipping.
 I then began to sew. I sewed up the sides up to the armhole.
I made a hem and sewed it with zigzag in white. Because I liked how it showed up against the blue.
 And then the tedious job of sewing sleeves on began. That really and truly was the most time consuming. I could have done sleeveless and just finished off the sleeveless part with some lace and it would have been fine, but then I decided to add a pleated and gathered sleeve. So I did the gathering stitch and fitted and tucked it all in and sewed it to the dress and then added lace around the outer edging.
 For this sleeve I took it out and redid it- it was too large for my liking....
 One of my kids snapped this picture of me, working on the sleeve... tedious I'm telling you. tedious.
 For the last wee step I decided to applique a birdie to the pocket. I looked online at a shape of a bird and cut out a shape that resembled that and then cut out applique that matched that shape and at this point I should have maybe zigzagged around it, just for aesthetics. But I didn't. I simply ironed it on to the pocket.
 Here's a close up of the bird
 And here's a close up of the zig zagged hem.

And here is the finished product... tell me. Do you think I should add a wing to the bird? Can you tell it's a bird?? haha!
Oh, it was a fun and crazy little project. One that made my creativeness happy. :)

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