Monday, March 10, 2014

Putting the Creative Back into School

It's time for another school day Post.
This time I wanted to share a few fun things that we are doing to make some things just a little more fun.
First up is a math game!
Make a game on a File folder. You can do it for any topic you are working on! Adding, Subtracting, ect! You will need a dice and a little game pawn. We used a little person for our game.
You will find this game idea as well as others on my Pin board.
Simply roll the die and go that amount of spaces on your board. Answer that math question correctly and you get to move! Answer incorrectly and you go backwards.......
 Hannah really enjoyed this game.
 I turned the file around and made an Alphabet game for Nathan. I'm really trying to nail those letter names in soundly!
For another math or alphabet game try getting your kids on the trampoline. Hold up an alphabet card or a math flash card and ask them to tell you the answer. For math flashcards if they get the answer correct they get to jump that many jumps ( the amount of the answer) for the alphabet I just say what is this letter? It's worth x.y.z amount of jumps! For example, maybe it's a"J" and I know he has trouble with that letter I may give him 10 jumps if he knows that letter. Whereas if the letter was an "A" and I know he knows it, I may only give 1 jump for that one.
We've had a blast with these two games. It's fun when you can add in a little spice to make things enjoyable and yet learn at the same time!

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