Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Recap (Pictures)

I hardly need to write in between pictures.... A picture speaks a 1000 words. We really did have a fun filled day with friends. Yes- my kids stuffed the Easter eggs that we contributed to the egg hunt-haha!

 We colored eggs on the back porch
 And we even had a few melt down's here and there during the day...
 Painting eggs is serious business!

 All the kids waiting for "Blast-off"

 And they are off!

 Looking intently for possibly missed eggs. ;)

 "Best Buddies"

How was your Easter? 


  1. Would Hannah like to be pen pals with my daughter, anthem, who is 7? I don't know if you check this anymore or how I could get ahold of you. But my daughter would love to correspond with Hannah if she is interested:)

  2. Wow!! Such a lovely Easter party. Loved the kids enjoyed this party. These eggs are looking so lovely. For my Easter party at one of LA event venues, I did amazing arrangements there that was loved and enjoyed by all my invitees.

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